Changing the paradigm of banking industry

The number of entrepreneurs and digital businesses is growing faster than ever, however, this sector is still being underserved. A large amount of digital business is misunderstood by conservative financial institutions, mostly due to its novelty. We aim to address this supply gap and allow participation in the financial market for every business.

Mistertango includes all the essential features of an online banking account. At this point, a business can open dedicated European IBAN accounts, use virtual banking cards, and enjoy unlimited SEPA transfers.

Our account opening process is adjusted to be as simple and streamlined as possible to ensure only the best experience. 

All you need to do is:
  • Download our app or use a web application
  • Sign up and confirm your identity
  • Pay set up fee and upload requested documents
  • Answer our short KYC questionnaire (this helps us manage your account securely)
  • Sit back and relax, while we’ll take care of the rest.

Different plans for various needs

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to scale your business to the next level – Mistertango offers corporate accounts adjusted to various business needs. 

While many EMIs in the market are focusing on individual users, we’re broadening our services and catering to corporate clients as well. Regardless if you are a multi-million company, a small family business, or a freelancer, we have solutions that can fit your needs.

At this point, we have three different business account models: 
  • A light plan for small businesses and institutions
  • A standard plan for established businesses and institutions
  • An ultimate plan for financial institutions and exchanges

Read more about what kind of plans we are offering.

Banking cards

Mistertango virtual banking cards are an essential addition to our banking platform. They offer a supplementary use case of our product: point-of-sale payments. Virtual cards provide secure, convenient, and fast online shopping options. Physical cards are also in the making. At the moment we’re working hard to ensure that once offered, it would be widely accepted in millions of shops and ATMs worldwide.

SEPA transfers

SEPA transfers give an effortless way to transfer money within the European economic area as it’s one of the quickest, cheapest, and safest ways to get your money across from one eurozone country to another. 

Our team has a very strong background in the fintech industry, so we can better understand your needs. Join Mistertango and you will be served by the team that strives to change the paradigm in the banking industry. 

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