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European IBAN, free money transfers,
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The benefits speak for themselves
Open an IBAN account – hassle-free, in no time.
  • Every customer gets a unique European bank account number (IBAN).
  • Forget about long registration processes. We’ve streamlined ours so that you can create an account in a few moments.
  • Access all payment information wherever you (well, and an Internet connection) are.
  • Transfer as much and as often as you like: we won’t apply any hidden charges for your personal account.

Don't be bound by the location - take full advantage of SEPA payments.

Your money belongs to you, and we’d like to keep things that way. Send and receive money, check your balance, and enjoy your Euro IBAN account.
EEA European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland
World Other countries
Transaction fee
The fee paid every moment by processing an internal or external payment.
Balance fee
Fee applied monthly by counting a yearly interest rate for account balance.
Minimum monthly charging
Fee applied monthly by counting a difference between paid transaction and balance fees and minimum monthly fee.
Administration fee
One time fee charged to cover administrative costs incurred by client requirements. (e.g. account confirmation letter, payment confirmation note and etc.)
Unsupported countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Guyana, Islamic Republic of Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lao People's Democratic Republic, State of Palestine, Serbia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, United States of America, Vanuatu, Yemen
Manage money, effortlessly
Access all payment information wherever you (well, and an Internet connection) are.
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    on internet
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  • Data protection
    Mistertango comply with the principles of data protection requirements under Law on Electronic Money and Electronic Money Institutions, Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and General Data Protection Regulation. Company is registered in State Data Protection Inspectorate (reg. code P6412).
  • Your money is safe
    Clients’ funds are stored in the Central Bank as well as in other major banks within EU. According to regulatory requirements clients’ funds are stored in special accounts (separately from Mistertango own funds) and cannot be used for business or lending purposes.
  • Secure connection
    Two-factor authentication (2FA) for log-in and payments execution.