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To open business or private account download the app and follow account opening instructions

Main fees

Transaction fee for private customer
from €0.00
Per SEPA transaction
Transaction fee for business customer
from €1.00
Per SEPA transaction

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Our core functions


Fast SEPA payments is our main functionality. You can send and receive EUR in all SEPA zone.

For Business

Our services are available for companies from Europe. You will find supported country list in our APP, when you start boarding process. CEO and accountants of small companies loves our SCAN INVOICE feature.

For Privates

Our services are available for privates from almost all the World. Pay bills and get salary using your own IBAN account.

For Exchanges

We are open to onboard regulated financial institutions and crypto exchanges. Onboarding requirements differs from usual businesses, so please be ready go to deep relationship with us.


Our main focus is a mobile application. We believe that send and receive money should be as simple as send an email. Perfect user experience is main focus for Product development team


CEO’s of small companies are excited how easily they may pay their invoices. Just forward an invoice to an email and confirm it on mobile. Payment done!

Virtual payment
cards (coming soon)

Virtual cards is a most common way  how you can spend money from your account. Virtual card you can connect to your phone or even smart watch.

Enter your mobile phone to download app and open your account

About us is a regulated Electronic Money Institution (EMI) owned by “Secure Nordic Payments”, UAB. We are expanding our market since 2015. We are based in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU).

Company is focusing to provide simplified and low cost payment services in Europe Economic Area.

“Secure Nordic Payments”, UAB is regulated by Bank of Lithuania and operating under the license No. 11


Staff in Lithuania


Client funds


Clients from EU