About Mistertango

Our approach to affordable, fast, online international banking services for personal and business use.

Mistertango believes in providing international banking services that are regulated, fast, affordable, and secure. Mistertango specialises in managing transactions for individuals and businesses throughout the Eurozone, but we also have hundreds of international clients. 

Our services include traditional banking services for individuals and businesses, with a special focus on helping clients that have been previously rejected by banks in order to help them manage their banking safely and effectively. 

Mistertango also enjoys working with clients who have complex or challenging business models especially those involving digital currencies – helping them regulate their international services where possible. 

Mistertango is regulated by the bank of Lithuania (License no.11) and is subject to regular audits to ensure compliance with domestic and international financial laws and standards. 

€10M+ in client
funds held.

5000+ Happy Clients from across the EU/EEA.

Established banking since 2014.

Fast account onboarding process.

About Mistertango

Mistertango’s founders & background in banking services.

Mistertango has been active since 2014, founded by partners Audrius Ramanauskas and Tadas Kvedaras. 

Audrius and Tadas have a love for finance and business, with core focuses centred around assisting individuals and businesses previously rejected by banks; and digital cryptocurrency as a promising asset for the future. 

The pair believe that the concept of digital decentralised currencies presents an exciting future asset that will likely stand as a new form of finance with a multitude of benefits (that will expand) for investment and everyday use/activity. 

After it’s founding in 2014, Mistertango’s client base grew exponentially, and by 2017 had grown so large that the business model had to evolve to incorporate a compliance-first approach to every European and international transaction. 

This evolution and reconstruction of Mistertango’s financial management approach allowed us to gain valuable insight into the financial industry that would allow us to provide better private and business banking services to customers in the EU, EEA and across the globe. 

Today, Mistertango has become a successful bank that provides international banking services to individuals, freelancers, small businesses, large companies, financial institutions and financial exchanges. 

We hold over 10+ million Euro in client funds for a wide variety of Lithuanian, European and other international clientele. 

Mistertango offers international banking services for a wide range of personal and business use, from traditional banking services to banking services for businesses with complex models in digital environments. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Mistertango

We adhere to the regulations set out by the Central Bank of Lithuania and international banking policies to ensure financial compliance. We have been active since 2014, with 7 years of established industry experience. 

Regular audits to ensure strict financial service standards are upheld and client funds are invested in very low-risk government bonds or held by the central bank, as per industry standards.

Mistertango provides international banking services for a wide range of private and business use, including:

  • Individuals.
  • Freelancers.
  • Sole traders.
  • Small to large businesses. 
  • Financial institutions.
  • Financial exchanges.
  • Crypto exchanges
  • SEPA Payments for clients within the EU & EEA. 
  • International payments via IBANs. 
  • Processing of transactions for financial institutions and crypto exchanges. 
  • Sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments
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