Why EMI Is a Better Option Than a Regular Bank?

Electronic money institutions (EMIs) have become a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital finance, where they are competing with digital banks, traditional banks and other forms of financial service providers. So why is EMI a better choice?


Account opening process

There‘s no need to take a trip to the bank, wait in long queues, and fill out endless forms just to open a simple account. With an EMI, account opening is done remotely, so you can get through with it over your morning coffee! Every step of opening an account is easy! Just grab your phone and start enjoying the benefits we can provide!


Your funds are more safe

Even though EMI is not considered to be a bank, it is still monitored by the regulator and other financial institutions. For example, Mistertango is licensed by the Bank of Lithuania and complies with existing regulations, which involves keeping all customer funds separate from institution’s. Therefore, it lowers the risk of losing your funds. In case there is a financial turmoil with the institution, banks may not be able to pay off, whereas EMIs will be less likely to have the same issue.


Convenient and technologically advanced

EMIs focus on innovation and technology, which means developing the most convenient and most advanced banking services! Our focus is on helping you reach your financial goals, that’s why our fees are more adjusted to your needs.

We live in digital times where everything is connected and for us the digital world is home. It lets us stay ahead of the innovation curve. We want to bring internet banking to EVERYONE! We know how important convenience, speed, and transparency are in today‘s world, so we aim to deliver solutions for any banking challenge you might face!



As an EMI, compliance is a key factor for us. So we‘ve worked hard to ensure a safe environment for your funds, transactions, and even your business! Mistertango is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, and we work closely with it to ensure that everything we do is led by the principles of transparency and integrity.



Our teams are driven by innovation! Everyone at Mistertango has a strong background in the FinTech and banking industries and we are always looking for new ways to improve your banking experience and lead the way in financial technology and innovation. We do not waste money on fancy buildings, instead, we build services for YOU!


Bottom line

If you‘ve been doubting whether an account with an EMI is the answer to your problems, we could easily say YES, we are the answer! We can be your trusted partner for anything from your basic daily banking to a new business venture. 

Join us, and discover the full potential we, as an EMI, can offer!

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