Open an international personal bank account online.

Private banking for individuals, freelancers and sole traders.

Fast and affordable international banking services for individuals based in the EU & EEA. 

Open a personal bank account in only 5 minutes!

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Why should you choose Mistertango
for personal banking?

We provide our international banking customers with premium banking features at a very affordable price.

With over EUR 10 million in client funds held, we’re a very experienced bank that adheres to strict financial regulations across Europe. You can trust us to help you manage your international banking needs with complete peace of mind!


Affordable pricing plans

Our plans for personal banking are very affordable and banking internationally across Europe right away with ease!

We provide two plans for international personal banking, which include low transfer fees and monthly costs – allowing you to manage your international banking efficiently while getting more value. 

Get started with international banking!


Banking anywhere with ease, from your computer or smartphone.

We provide our customers with cutting-edge banking platforms so you can manage your account from anywhere.

Our apps are available on Google Play and the App Store, and you can also bank online via your desktop using our web app. 

We constantly improve our digital banking platforms to provide even more international banking benefits.


Fast & secure international banking

Make secure payments fast with your IBAN!

We offer fast and secure payments, internationally and within the Eurozone, authenticated using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

Our international payments are processed quickly using an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Eurozone payments are processed using SEPA very fast with payment times varying times depending on the type of SEPA payment you plan to make.


Dedicated support & fast onboarding

We help our customers open a personal account in just 5 minutes.

Our dedicated support team is also available 24/7 to help our individual account holders with any queries.


Regulated and compliant international banking

We know that you need complete peace of mind when doing international banking.

With us, you can be confident that the payments you make and receive comply with international banking regulations and policies. 

We are regulated by the Bank of Lithuania License No.11.We know that you need complete peace of mind when doing international banking.

Supporting documents required to open an international personal account:

To open a private bank account with Mistertango we require the following documents and information:

Additional supporting documentation may be required depending on your banking needs.

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Pricing for personal bank accounts:

We offer 2 plans to fit your personal international banking needs with no monthly fees!

Whether you’re a freelancer, sole trader, or an individual looking to get started with online international banking – we have a plan to fit your banking needs. 

Light Plan - Personal

International banking services are ideal for individuals, freelancers and sole traders just getting started with sending and receiving international payments.

No transfer fees or monthly maintenance fees, and only a minimum balance of 10 EUR required – there’s no reason not to open a Light account today.

Send and receive international payments online via our web or mobile applications, with no transfer fees or monthly maintenance fees.

Medium-sized businesses & large corporates

You’re expanding your foothold in your market and growing your reach. 

You need peace of mind knowing that you are part of a bank that can help you send and receive payments efficiently across the EU and around the world!

Standard Plan - Personal

You need peace of mind knowing that you are part of a bank that can help you send and receive payments.

Our Standard plan is for individuals, sole traders, and freelancers who need more freedom with their international banking.

Send and receive international payments from across the EU, EEA and around the globe – with low transfer fees and maintenance fees!

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