Tadas Kvedaras

High level technology executive with 20 years progressive experience in development, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures, and technical solutions for leaders in the financial industry. 

After finishing degree in IT in Vilnius University back in 2006, he dived straight into the financial sector and never left it. Tadas started his career with Finasta bank, the largest private banking and wealth management group in the Baltic countries at that time, as a Programmer. Soon he was promoted to Analyst-Sr. Software Developer where his main activity was the bank’s informational system analysis, development and its maintenance. In 2009 Finasta financial group was purchased by Snoras, where Tadas continued to work as Sr. Business Process Analyst. Here his main focus was on new technology development, implementation and analysis in the E-Banking division.

In 2012 just before Tadas started his own business he was employed by Baltic Amber Solution (later named to Banking Lab), who lured him to work for them as an Sr. Analyst and Consultant. Company unites four companies providing professional services for banks and financial institutions.

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