Multiple business payment cards are now available at Mistertango

Multiple payment cards for single business account

One of our primary goals is to provide convenient services and products to make your business management more efficient. Mistertango is already offering virtual payment cards to our business clients. Now we are happy to announce that, for your convenience, we can offer several cards for each business account. This way, companies can issue different cards for their employees and make banking more time-saving.

Initiating bank payments for everyday business purchases can be a little excessive – therefore, business banking cards come to save your time. It makes it easier to make purchases.

Having several business cards can also improve business finance management, as every department can have its own business card with restricted limits, which makes tracking expenses and setting up budgets way easier.

If you already have our business account and want to order free virtual cards, just open Mistertango banking app and click the button ”Order a virtual card”. If you have any difficulties contact our support team.

If you are new to Mistertango, you can always set up an account for your business anytime.

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