Customer type

Application processing

Balance fee

Minimum charging

Business customer (EEA Countries)
Business customer (nonEEA Countries)
Private customer (EEA Countries)
Private customer (nonEEA Countries)

250.00 Eur
800.00 Eur
0.00 Eur
0.00 Eur

0.75% / year
1.00% / year
1.00% / year
1.00% / year

100.00 Eur / month
300.00 Eur / month
5.00 Eur / month
15.00 Eur / month

Transaction fees

Transaction price for private
0.00 Eur

For outgoing transaction

Transaction price for business
0.99 Eur

For outgoing transaction

  • Application processing fee is non refundable and not depends application will approved or not.
  • Balance fee is calculated daily and charged monthly.
  • If your fees is less then Minimum charging, we will charge you once per month until Minimum charging amount.
  • Minimum charging amount can be changed, depends on client risk and activity.
  • All manual works related to your account (for example sending official account statement or similar) will be charged 50 Eur per request

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