SEPA transactions with Mistertango

Another week has passed locked down in our homes. It is interesting how we miss home when we are away, and how we want to go out when we can‘t, but let‘s look on the bright side. Many of us are finding more time to explore new things, to take care of ourselves, our families and of course, our finances!

We have created a short and informative blog about SEPA and Mistertango transactions, so you can learn how to manage your finances from the comfort of your own home, simply by using your smartphone, tablet, or PC!

So what is SEPA and why should we care about it? Well, SEPA is the Single European Payments Area, and it harmonizes how cashless EURO payments are made throughout EUROPE!

SEPA allows European clients to make transactions with ease, including:
-Credit transfer;
-Direct debit payments;
-Card payments
SEPA payments have the same system for domestic and cross-border payments. It covers all EU and plus 8 other countries (Iceland; Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein
Monaco, Vatican city-state and San Marino). SEPA allows you to use your existing account in your home country to manage bills, pay or receive salaries and send money to friends & family in another country! SEPA payments are a cheaper, faster way to use and transfer your funds.

Now that you know about SEPA, you‘re probably asking yourself, “How can I use it?”.

With MisterTango you‘ll get access to everything SEPA has to offer.

You will be able to transfer:

Transfer funds to your business partners;
Transfer funds instantly, so you could invest in cryptocurrencies (MisterTango is also a Crypto-friendly NEO bank!);
Pay all your bills with just a few simple clicks in the MisterTango APP;
You can even send money to Your uncle so he could order a pizza!

We provide you with the perfect environment and all the tools you need to become a transaction expert! Let us be your gateway to the banking world, join us and ride the banking roller coaster!

What’s more, our focus is our clients, so we maintain the highest standards possible in every step of our decision making. Most importantly we ensure that every transaction is conducted safely and securely! Our team has a strong background in the fintech and banking industries, and we provide innovative, new solutions for your personal and business banking in a dynamic environment!

Stay safe and use Mistertango as your gateway to the payment world!

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