New features and Improvements!

Improvements and convenience are the two main things that drive us, here in Mistertango. We do believe that with convenient processes, services, and constant improvements we provide more quality and solutions to Your daily banking services. Thus, we have great news for YOU guys! We have improved our procedures again, so You could have more convenient services! Let’s make our processes easy, so You could focus on funds instead of hard and long procedures! 

We have promised You that we will keep on improving, and that’s what we do! Let us kindly remind You that our focus is You, thus we believe that such changes will provide more value for YOU

First of all, we have introduced PROFILES! You may ask what does it mean? Well, from now one You are creating Your profile, and then You decide what account You are willing to open – Corporate or personal one! For clients who need an only corporate account, You will have an ability to have one without an additional personal account, thus You would save Your time and energy without a need to open a personal account. What do we require to create a profile? To be honest just two things! 

– Your personal email; 
– Your mobile phone; 

That’s it! A piece of simple information for a simpler account usage! Create Your profile and start Your payment journey with us! 

Secondly, Mistertango now provides the ability to create an account under the same email You have used before. It is very essential to change for the clients, who have closed accounts and want to re-open accounts under the same email. Forget long processes of creating new emails and trying to remember all credentials, now You can submit for re-opening under the same email! 

With all of this, we strongly believe that these changes will increase the speed, functionalities, and convenience of our services. 

Stay safe and use Mistertango as Your gateway to the payment world! 

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