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Living in quarantine does not mean that You have to do nothing besides sitting at the home. It’s a great time to make time count, thus in what we believe here, in Mistertango.

That’s why we are working 24/7 to improve our services and ourselves in every aspect. Just a week passed from our latest blog, and we got You another great news! Yes, another series of blog and today we are introducing our brand new referral program!

Help us to help You! Invite Your friends, family, and beloved ones, to join our strong, innovative, and customer-oriented team! Let others be part of innovation as well – Invite and Earn! Whenever You refer a new client to Mistertango and Your invited person or entity opens an account with us, and make the first transaction out, of any amount, You will receive a reward from our side! Your reward depends on what kind of client You have referred – private client, or corporate client. The reward is no less than 1 EUR, thus the biggest reward will be for the corporate clients! The best part is, that You are eligible to earn a reward for an unlimited number of times!

Let’s dive deeper to understand how everything works:

  1. Mistertango will provide You with a Referrant Identification Number, which will be added automatically to every link You use to promote the App and Services of the Mistertango;
  2. Please be noted that You will have Your reward when You Eligible Referral will make the first out transaction from their account. This is very important to remember, more active users more benefits for You and us!;
  3. By participating in the referral program You agree to not engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent, invasive, or spamming. We all know how it is important to be safe and secure!;
  4. If our referred client will do an out transaction You will be rewarded to Your Mistertango account, this is another key point, You need to have an account with us. It’s one of the easiest steps to do that, just download our APP and open the account, the account will be open in the shortest time possible!

Our reward system is fully active and secure, even though it’s only the first stages, we would like to emphasize that everything is done to provide more value to You.
The more engagement we have the more improvements we can do! Help us to help You, and let’s seek innovation, and convenient banking services together!

Stay safe and use Mistertango as Your gateway to the payment world!

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