How to secure Your funds and account!


We hope that You are staying strong and safe. Everyone is very concerned about personal care and staying safe during these quarantine days! 
Staying safe and healthy has to be a priority right now, but we should now forget that we have to take care of one more thing in our daily life – our funds! No doubt that health is the number one priority, but we should never forget to secure our funds and account!

Living in such convenient times, we often forget how much information and personal data we have online. The technology advancement is moving forward at the significant speed, the ability to pay with one press of a button, to have everything on Your phone it provides us the convenience and less time-consuming processes. Although we have to understand, that it is very essential to have Your funds, information, and personal data secured, from potential threats and fraudulent activities!

Let us provide some times on how to secure Your funds, account, and personal information! Let’s start with all known, but frankly miss-looked statement:

-Use a strong password! Make sure that Your password is complicated and strong, so You could remember it, but no one could figure it out easily. Try to use at least one upper-case letter a symbol or a number. Please remember that Your password should be not connected to You directly if Your name is Mike. You thought okay, one upper-case letter, symbol or a number, and then You go – Mike123, it’s not the best option You could think of. Try to use a password from a different context than Your name, family names, Your dog, or cat name. Be creative with Your password!

-Use two-factor authentication. You may ask who in the world is two-factor authentication? Well, it requires you to take an extra step to authenticate who you are when you sign in or when you are doing a transaction. It’s sometimes also referred to as two-step authentication. Additional steps depend on the company or website You are using, it could be an additional text message to Your phone or some kind of code or an additional password. In Mistertango we use different types of 2FA (two-factor authentication), You could use our codes, which You will get to Your phone and email, or You could choose to use the Google Authenticator!

-Do NOT share Your personal information or credentials to anyone! In order to protect Your financial life, You should never reveal or provide any kind of personal information via phone call, SMS, social media, or any other messaging app! In this part WE would like to kindly remind You, that Mistertango does not call or send You SMS with the request, to reveal Your personal information!

Please be very conscious of whom You provide Your information!

-Check Your account daily! It’s a very simple but effective tool! Check Your account daily, track Your banking on a daily basis. Try to get weekly statements or reports for Your account! Thus, You will always have the information about what is going in Your account, when and how fees are being deducted! Plus, You will always track how much funds do You have in Your account, so You never lose a penny!

-Make sure Your connection is secure! Try to avoid using public Wi-fi, it usually does not protect the password and Your personal data could be leaked easily! Always check the URL of the website. If the URL is made up of a random selection of letters and numbers — or it looks suspicious — do not input any information. Use VPN, in order to secure Your IP address and Your connection!

With all that in mind, make sure that You have secured Your account and Your funds! Take care of Your financials, it can help You to take care of Yourself in the near future! 

Safety has to be a priority!

Stay safe and use Mistertango as Your gateway to the payment world! 

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