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In such harsh times, we would like to emphasize how important YOU are to us. Thus, let us kindly ask you to keep yourself safe, wash your hands, sanitize your phone and most importantly, please use digital banking services instead of cash!

Our team believes in the company’s goal, we know how it is important to provide a good experience for the clients. Nevertheless, even when we are facing such hard times, we are more than ready to move forward and provide all banking services for you. Mistertango’s team is working in a safe environment, thus we have the ability to answer your queries in one working day, you can always reach out to us via email or our e-banking services. Our TANGO bot is always there to help address your needs! Let’s be safe and sound!

If YOU just come here, Mistertango sincerely welcomes you and asks to join us! Every new client is another reason to try harder! Don’t forget that you have the power to make a change and impact, thus we are asking you to help us to change the banking paradigm and live up the innovations! Mistertango’s focus is YOU.

This is why we are here – to provide you everything you need for your daily banking and most importantly, to be ahead of the innovation curve and much more!

Why us? Being big believers that new and innovative ways open more doors for many blockchain-based businesses, we stand here strong! Stating that we are a crypto-friendly NEO bank!

We are providing:
-Dedicated IBAN; -Fast and remote account opening;
-Services to crypto-related merchants, online shops and e-commerce business;
-Fast and safe SEPA transactions
-A team which strives for Consumer experience

What’s more, our focus is Clients, thus we can ensure the professional work in every step of decision making. Most importantly we ensure that Anti-Money Laundering Compliance is the key priority. 

Every single member of our team has a strong background in fintech and banking industries, that’s why we can provide innovation and new solutions for your business in such a dynamic environment

Stay safe and use Mistertango as your gateway to the payment world!

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