Cooperation in such harsh times!

Hey, It’s been a while since we have reached You! Today we would like to talk about the difficult times we are all facing right now. You are not alone and we are ready to help You!

We would like to inform You that we do understand how hard the crisis influenced the market and the business. That’s why we do understand how it might be hard to bounce back to a normal flow or to open the new corporate account.

Let us ensure that You are not alone, and we are not willing to leave You alone! That’s why we want to state that we understand Your problems, and Your problems are ours. Thus, we would like to inform You that we have introduced the new completely different pricing for Your business!

We happily inform You that we are decreasing our pricing for the business clients, as well as we made some changes for personal accounts.

Please check the links below:

Business pricing –

Personal pricing –

We hope that such changes would help You to bounce back faster. Let’s hope You will appreciate our gesture!

Stay safe and use Mistertango as Your gateway to the payment world! 

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