Being crypto-friendly opens a new way!

When every day looks the same, when You cannot understand where the week started and where ended, when one month feels like one year, WE are coming to You with a hope that maybe we can brighten Your day with our weekly blog. Even though we are in lockdown and everything has stopped, be sure that we are working every single day, to make Your financial journey a bit easier, and a bit safer and a bit advanced. Let us talk about our partner – Bitmarket and how fast we can make Your crypto transactions!

Bitmarket, also known as was opened in 2013 as the crypto – exchange. The goal was to perfect every single process in the exchange so it would be automated, thus, it was improved every day, for the past 7 years. Bitmarket offers a free altcoin trading, thus what makes it very appealing for the traders and crypto lovers.

You are probably wondering – why do I talk about another company and how does it have something with us. Well, Mistertango is a crypto-friendly NEO bank, thus Bitmarket is the soul we do understand. We know how important it is to focus on the innovation and the future, and the future is – blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital banks! We being a crypto-friendly NEO bank, commit to sharing the message of the crypto-currencies and how it influences the paradigm of traditional banking. Since the cryptocurrencies were a hot industry to invest in for the past 4-5 years, we have crystallized our process with them. We know how important is the speed in such violate market, we understand that people want to earn, instead of waste, thus we can provide fast, secure and simple transactions to crypto-exchanges and from them. 

Forget long hours of waiting, blocked transactions due to the cryptocurrencies, a position where You feel like You did something wrong if You are trying to cash out Your funds. Choose us and You will not need to worry about any of the above-listed things. We encourage such activities, we know how it is important to move with innovation and the future. Fast, Secure, Transparent, and Advanced transactions from and to crypto-exchanges! Join us, join our partner – Bitmarket, and enjoy what crypto-related future can provide You.

Stay safe and use Mistertango as your gateway to the payment world!   

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