Account opening with MisterTango is easier than you thought!

We hope everyone is staying safe & healthy!

The quarantine conditions have affected everyone, and Mistertango understands how frustrating the restrictions on daily life can be 😕 . However: in every darkness, there‘s a light and an opportunity to improve, such as learning something new, starting an activity you always wanted to try, or even discovering new ways to manage your finances. How about starting your banking journey with us?

Join Mistertango and you will be joining a team that strives to change the paradigm in the banking industry! Nobody enjoys opening a new bank account, but it’s a vital part of life and MisterTango makes the process as simple & easy as possible!

To open your MisterTango account, all you need to do is:

-Download our Mistertango app;

-Access the app and click “Open New Account”;

-Enter your email, your phone number, and new password;

-Answer our short KYC questionnaire (this helps us manage your account securely);

-That‘s it! Just sit back and relax.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to take your business to the next level, we can also offer you a corporate account. Nevertheless, you will still need a personal account to provide secure access, so if you are thinking of finding a business partner who would fulfill your needs, try our corporate account too!

If you don’t have a personal account yet and you want to open an account for your business, the process is the same as described above. When choosing which account you want to open, select the Corporate Account option. MisterTango will be notified and we‘ll send you all the information you need via the app for a simple, effortless process.

What is more, you will find our lovely team is always here by your side to help you in every step! Our team has a very strong background in the fintech industry, so they understand your needs. We are here to help you! You could be here as well, to help us!

Stay safe and use Mistertango as your new gateway to the payments world!

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