Audrius Ramanauskas

Successful innovator and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in business formation, operation, finance, and management.

Started his first business in 1995 just after finishing Master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology. It was mainly focused on computer software and website development. Sold it in 2004 as he was working simultaneously on bigger project at the time, which soon turned into a great success.

Audrius was developing an online airline ticket booking platform It was easy to use, provided its customers with efficient service and attractive flight deals. started growing so fast that in 2008 it was nominated as the fastest growing enterprise in Lithuania. By the end of 2017 company was established in  Estonia with Bookinghouse, in Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Latvia, Russia for the Ukrainian and Great British markets with Flysiesta, Aviagid, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania with Flyhi and Eticket brands, Georgia with, Germany with Hotflug. In 2017 it was sold to Otravo group, one of the largest airline ticket portals in Scandinavia and Benelux, with a great profit. 

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