About us

  • Company
    Mistertango is a fintech company offering dedicated IBAN accounts to individuals and businesses. Our business idea is based on providing free banking services, with profits generating from value-added services and business customers. Despite the novelty in the market of innovations, the Mistertango services are very secure as company adheres to the same stringent requirements for service security as traditional banks.
  • Mission
    Some things and ideas are perceived as given or as a necessity. At Mistertango we believe the accessible and cost-effective banking to be a necessity, and it’s our goal to make all financial operations more efficient and quick. Therefore, our mission is to provide our customers with simple, fast, and low-fee payment services for their convenience.
Regulated financial institution

Mistertango is a licensed electronic money institution (EMI) supervised by the Central Bank of Lithuania. Please refer here to find the license on Central Bank’s page.

Lithuania. Europe's Gateway for Fintech
  • Fintech-friendly

    – A supportive legal and regulatory environment in Lithuania caught the attention of such world-known giants as Google, Revolut and InstaReM.
    – Fintech sector in Lithuania is highly international. 30% of all the Fintechs operating in Lithuania are headquartered abroad: Fintechs from the US, the UK, China, Singapore, and Israel all have important teams in Lithuania.
    – Lithuania has already leveraged its highly educated talent pool and streamlined its regulatory framework to become a leading destination for international Fintechs.
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  • Innovation-oriented regulator: Bank of Lithuania

    – By number of licensed electronic money institutions, Lithuania was a leading country in Europe
    – The highest profile companies to receive licences by Bank of Lithuania were Revolut and Google
    – The Bank of Lithuania has been recognized as one of the most progressive regulators in the EU